Investment Philosophy / Strategy

Your Guide through the Financial Markets, Carrying the Burden of Research and Portfolio Management

Here at Sherpa, we recognize that there are long-term market trends and short-term market movements. These daily price movements can be exaggerated by emotional as well as programmed buying and selling that may create short-term pricing anomalies.

While short-term volatility can be unnerving, even scary to many investors, we at Financial Sherpa embrace it, as our strategy benefits from market instability, capitalizing on both long-term trends and the daily volatility (that most brokers and advisors want you to ignore).  This separates us from traditional “buy and hold” strategies that simply fluctuate with the market, as well as a general asset allocation programs that attempt to capture growth by reactive asset class re-balancing.

No wasted opportunities.

Financial Sherpa makes no claim to “Beat the Market” – All portfolios are designed with your needs and goals as our focus.  Our objective and purpose is to utilize all available market instruments to produce a personalized portfolio. Each portfolio has controls to limit losses, this floor that Sherpa creates is directed entirely by you.  The strategy also employs methods that can potentially increase performance above more traditional strategies, which are limited to commonly used instruments in “boilerplate” model portfolios.

Each Sherpa portfolio is created and managed according to each client’s needs whether that be income, growth, preservation of capital, or more likely – some combination of each.